Chelsea Beautique Lash Extensions

I'm always on the look out for the best quality products to offer my clients and it really is important to me that they are able to try new things and have access to the latest trends in the world of beauty.

This week I've added Chelsea Beautique Lash Extensions to my makeup kit; a recent discovery which has stirred major excitement within me. I have been utterly impressed by the quality of these lashes, which look naturally beautiful when captured in real life and on camera.

I stumbled across the Chealsea Beautique range at the Professional Beauty Show in February, whilst working with the Airbase Pro Team, and I soon discovered their impressive range of lashes really compliment every make up look. I've been using synthetic lashes for many years but have been officially converted to these 100% authentic Mink extensions. The even more positive news is that they are 100% cruelty free, individually hand made and hypoallergenic (animal lovers rejoice!)

Mink lashes have been available worldwide for some time now, but usually only in the most prestigious of salons. An average set, including application, usually costs around £250-£500, so its truly wonderful that the experts at Chealsea beautique have managed to create beautiful strip lashes at a fraction of the cost. Although these lash extensions are more expensive than synthetic lashes, they certainly warrant their price tag. They are lighter, more flexible, softer and If looked after you can wear them up to 20 times! Yes, that really is 20 times!