Pro Team Airbase Makeup- Professional Beauty London

I've just finished 2 days working at the Professional Beauty show at London's Excel centre as part of the Airbase Pro Team. I'm really excited to have joined the Pro Team for Airbase and I will be training professional and aspiring makeup artists in the art of airbrushing from March 2015. 

We had 2 non stop days at the show giving demos and talking to many professionals about the art of airbrushing, and why for us as professional makeup artists Airbase is the only brand we choose. 

I started Airbrushing with Airbase just over 2 years ago, on average I attend around 80/90 weddings per year with 90% of my bridal clients choosing to have Airbase and these are the reasons why. 

LONG LASTING- Airbase has an unrivalled durability due to its unique silicone ingredient. Its heat resistant so on long summer days it stays in place perfectly. 

NATURAL FINISH- Airbase has a great coverage whilst still looking very flawless and natural on the skin. A very fine layer of Airbase Makeup is perfect for most of my bridal clients. Its gives a fresh dewy look to the skin whilst still photographing perfectly. 

LUXURIOUS FINISH- You would never know you had this makeup on, Airbase is so light on the skin, it doesn't clog pores and allows the skin to breath. 

I've always been particularly interested in Silicone based foundations as all the most prestigious brands use this ingredient at the heart of their formulas. I always do lots of research into what I can offer my clients and I'm extremely proud to say that there is no doubt in my mind I'm using the best. 

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