Why hire a professional makeup artist?

I so often am questioned by my brides about how they should look on their wedding day, which is how I came up with my favourite line be the most beautiful you. Personally, I believe that bridal makeup should be beautifying and defining, not a fashion trend that we will question in years to come when we look back at our wedding albums.

As we all now strive for such perfection, we often look to other women for inspiration. We can only ever be the best version of ourselves and most importantly to note, that’s exactly what your groom wants; YOU. It’s easy to get swept away, but try not to get too obsessed with the latest celebrity wedding, as the bride may not look anything like you.

Your wedding makeup should not only be about how you look, but also how it makes you feel, so I want to let you into some of my secrets and share my 5 top tips with you. I will also offer advice about how us women achieve a level of perfection within ourselves and why you sometimes just need a professional!

1) Knowledge
The most important part of hiring a makeup artist is the access you gain to their knowledge of products and applications. It takes a lot of practice to achieve perfection and that’s exactly what a makeup artist is trained to do. Be sure not to get caught out with things like SPF flashback. If you’re wearing a quizzical look right row, you need a professional!

2) Flawless skin
In our dreams we would all have perfect, flawless skin around the clock, but unfortunately that’s not reality and often we have 1 or possibly 2 shades/types of foundation in our make-up bag. Rest assured, as your make-up artist will have many different products to try on your skin to achieve the result you want, from a matte finish right through to that flawless Airbrush look.

3) Because in the words of LOreal – You're worth it
After the mass amount of spending that comes with a wedding why would you now cut back on one of the most important features, your face? After all, you are the one everyone will be focusing on all of your special day. Take the time to really enjoy your makeup experience, both at the trial and on the wedding morning.

4) Planning
A good makeup artist will always liaise with the other professionals you have booked for the morning, such as your hair stylist and photographer. Making sure you are ready on time and exactly when you are needed is all part of the service. Take a step back and let someone else do some planning. At this stage of the wedding, even the most controlling of brides, are grateful to be told where and when to be in the chair for beautifying.

5) Trials and Confidence
Makeup trials are about getting it right, and as a makeup artist it’s about meeting the level of expectation that a person has about how they wish to see themselves. It’s not about either the client or myself taking the lead at a trial, but creating a mutual understanding between us, so that we can really work together towards the overall finished look. More often than not, I find it’s the client’s vision combined with my knowledge and skills that lead us to the final destination.

Lastly, just remember that this experience is about you, how you want to look and how you want to feel. By building a good relationship with your makeup artist you will be calm and relaxed on your wedding day, safe in the knowledge you are getting what you want. Don’t be afraid to keep in touch and ask for tips and advice on your everyday makeup either. IT’S WHAT WE Do … and we never get sick of talking about it!

Love and sparkle dust.

Carla. x