Biker Girl Shoot

Back in September I had a great opportunity to be the make-up Artist on a Biker Girl shoot in Blackfriars, London. Having worked with Jekaterina Vassilenko before we were sure to have a lot of fun on this shoot.

After meeting the model Jade Amy early in the month I knew instantly that we had to go for something really strong and defined on the make-up. After taking to the sketch pad and trying various shades/tones we finally reached the look we were happy with.

So on Monday 29th September when we had from 12.00-2.00pm to shoot and get this wrapped up, RAIN! The only part of the day where it poured down for 2 hours! But in true professional style this wasn’t going to stop us.

I love sharing with you all the snaps as well as the professional images… ENJOY!

With Love
Carla. x